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Free Lesson Plans To Add "Zip" To Your Teaching!

This lesson plan page will hopefully become your #1 Resource in the coming years. We'll have everything thing here from math to English to science to you name it...we'll have it!

So you'll need to bookmark this page and keep returning.

Over the last quarter of a century I've written more plan pages than I care to remember and absorbed and re-created literally hundreds more by watching and learning from my peers.

But that experience spells good luck for you, the teacher!

You may be a beginner teacher, a substitute teacher or an experienced teacher or a just a flat-out tired teacher in need of a boost or a helping hand. Well you've come to the right place.

There's nothing worse than going into a classroom unprepared, whether you're a permanent teacher or a substitute or casual teacher, as they say here in Australia.

On the other hand, if you have well-prepared lessons, events are bound to go more smoothly and your lesson can proceed logically from concept or idea to the next concept or idea.

You are then more relaxed and confident in yourself.

The children can sense that too and you're more likely to have less interruptions due to poor or unruly behaviour - everyone's a winner! :)

Whether you're looking for lessons for Mathematics, English/Literacy, Science, Geography, History, Art, Humanities, Health and Physical Education, or Music you'll be able to find them here in growing numbers. 

I also encourage others to submit their lesson plans to this site so that everyone can benefit. 'Many hands make light work' is the age-old, yet commonsense saying.

If you want to submit your lesson plan to this site I'll provide a link soon.

Thank you for providing your plans so that others can benefit from your experience, knowledge and wisdom.

I'm sure they'll thank you with a little prayer at the end of the day for making their lesson go so smoothly!

Just browse this page below under the appropriate headings of the subject you're looking for.

And as mentioned above, bookmark the site so that you can keep returning and take advantage of the new ideas, information and videos to help your teaching "sparkle and shine"...


Making a Color Paper Cube - I've used this great little lesson over the years in many situations both as a substitute teacher and as a regular class teacher.

It's a step-by-step method to create a cool cube that children all over the world and of all ages will enjoy...





And some 'Cool' resources go to...